Alias Maya on OSX Tiger

Eventhough I got the Mac mini strictly for business, Internet and e-mail I had to try it. This little white "cookie-jar" was not built for advanced 3D animation, but what the heck. My curiousity was killing me so I downloaded Maya 6.0 PLE for OSX from Alias and ran the installer. Since I only have 256 mb of RAM installed my guess was that this would be very tough for my little mini, but I was both right and wrong. It took a while to load it, but when it was up it ran a whole lot better than I was hoping that it would. The virtual memory in OSX Tiger works very good - eventhough I think that it uses up over 4 gb when just Tiger is up. Crikey.

I teach Maya using advanced 3D-workstations, but my main computer at work is an IBM Thinkpad R51 and my guess was that this very notebook would probably run Maya a bit better than the Mac mini would. I was wrong; I underestimated the built-in ATi Radeon 9200-card in the mini. It was really quite smooth sailing, as long as I was not doing large scenes. I've used Maya on IRIX and NT/XP since early 1998 so it was fun to try it on a new OS (for me).

I'm getting 1 gb of RAM for the mini tomorrow and Tiger will run a lot smoother then, especially with multiple accounts open. I'm looking forward to that. If you're thinking about getting a mini - I couldn't possibly recommend it more. It's a superb little machine. But do invest in 1 gb of RAM. The Tiger is hungry. :)
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